This blog aims to contribute to understanding the history of the US Navy and to draw lessons from the era of great power competition. I welcome your comments and follows.

Global Blockade: Sea Control on Strategic Offense

Blockade: Military-Economic Warfare vs. China

Strategic ASW in 2022 – A Stunningly Bad Idea

The Propulsion Disabler – A Strategic Weapon

The National Defense Strategy of the United States: Military-economic Warfare, Global Blockade, and Cyber

The National Security Strategy of the United States: Geopolitics

Fleet-in-Being – The 17th Century Calls Out to the 21st Century

CNA’s Open Source Analysis of Soviet Military Writings

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  1. Brad, Your latest on strategic ASW is first-rate. Clearly written, logically unassailable, clearly important. I will send it to some second and third tier officials once they are in place.




  2. Brad, this is Tom Anger. Bruce passed the message about the relocation of your blog. This is a test to see if you can view my comment. Please reply if you can see it. (I am signed into my WordPress account, and you are seeing the nom de guerre that I use for my blog, to evade the wrath of the left-wingers by whom I am surrounded in Austin.)


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