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History and 21st Century US Naval Strategy

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    September 30, 2021 by

    This blog aims to contribute to understanding the history of the US Navy during the Cold War and to draw lessons from that and earlier periods for the current era of great power competition. I welcome your comments and follows. Global Blockade: Sea Control on Strategic Offense The National Defense Strategy of the United States: Military-economic… Read more

  • Blockade: Military-Economic Warfare vs. Russia

    September 20, 2021 by

    Introductory Note This post was formerly called Global Blockade vs. Russia. It has been revised, restructured, and retitled. It now recognizes that a US-led naval blockade of Russia would be the leading component of a broader US-national/NATO strategy of military-economic warfare. NATO and US-national defense strategies should be modified accordingly. This post shares language and… Read more

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